A cause worthy of your help!

We will now be supporting the Marine and Turtle Conservation of the Maldives. Each purchase made by you we will donate 20% of the profits to this cause. We care very much about the environment and the animals and we want to play our part by doing something great! So please remember that when you purchase any product from TropicalScenery.com you will be helping these wonderful creatures. 

This is Laura. Laura is a fully grown Olive Ridley who was found in the wild with 2 amputations. She had them both caught in ghost nets which ripped them off. She has healed very well and has even managed to dive, rest and resurface for air without her front flippers (a very difficult task indeed). She is quite clever and has adapted very well to having no flippers, she uses her beak to ‘climb’ up the sides of her tank to reach the surface to breathe. Unfortunately, due to her having no front flippers she cannot be released into the wild.

 This is Donatello, a Green Sea Turtle. She was given to us by locals who kept her as a pet. After a few weeks our team realized that her carapace (shell) was curved and it has since gotten worse. This is thought to be due to the embryo in the egg being damaged. She is now 4 years old, diving, eating and full of love! She loves the limelight and is surely the most popular turtle we have in our centre.