With Tropical Scenery, you can escape the mundane and boring monotonies of everyday life and transport your senses to faraway, exotic locations… if only for just a few seconds!

Started in 2019 by photographer and lover of the tropics, Craig Anthony, Tropical Scenery is a brand on a mission to help beach lovers far and wide express their love for white sand, crystal blue waters, and island living!

Featuring one-of-a-kind photography captured by Craig at some of the world’s most picturesque and mesmerizing beaches, every phone case represents a fleeting moment in time for the viewer to enjoy.

Craig’s love for all things tropics related started as a child on his annual family vacations to exotic locations. As an adult, this infatuation blossomed into inspiration for Craig’s photography, something he now proudly showcases with the collection of unique phone cases you’ll find on this site!

Yet, despite featuring undeniably gorgeous locations, Tropical Scenery phone cases are also made with premium materials to ensure they not only keep your phone looking vacation ready, but totally safe from every day wear and tear. Like the tropical and sometimes storm plagued beaches they showcase, these cases are both resilient and beautiful. 

“I hope that these cases not only remind you of the stillness and beauty of the tropics, but that they also bring you comfort and make you smile throughout your day, especially on days where waters are rough.” 

Craig Anthony